Chippie's work has that special something...

Housewives are happy when the man comes around with his tool.... to make dreams come true.
Their own men don't know anything about the "renovation" that goes on, because they are happy with their big car, poetry and maybe the neighbour's missus.
Then again, its good to have a few secrets. It's enough that women know that there are plenty of professionals about from planners to doers. Sometimes just a smile or a wink will get that RIGHT installer to work...

It's easy to promise. When you want to renovate, there are plenty of chippies, painters, sparkies, plumbers and the rest of 'em around to do all kinds of gigs... even from a family barbeque if need be.  
Enjoy life...  Don't get down by the recession; just renovate your house. Washroom, sauna, kitchen, etc. -do it all. Price of labour and materials has come down. The tax breaks you get make life easier as well,and it don't matter if you're broke because banks are handing out cheap home improvement loans. You'll have plenty money left over for other stuff as well.  All renovation jobs are great things - like parties with your pals, as long as you remember to check the contractors' backgrounds.  

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NOTE! We do not offer "love" for nothing.
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Motto: Our work is our joy.